Judith Blijden is a legal philosopher based in The Netherlands. Her aim is to raise awareness and understanding about the impact of technology. She wants to do so by translating information into narratives in which everyone and anyone can partake.

She currently works as a Senior Policy Officer Digital Transition at the Social and Economic Council of The Netherlands. Her role is to research the impact of technology and assess what policies could be enacted to mitigate risks and unlock opportunities from a societal perspective.

The impact of technology on society has been a central theme in her work. Judith has worked as a consultant, consulting on legal and policy issues regarding the use of technology while working at the Dutch consultancy firm PBLQ. During her time as a consultant, Judith was a board member for the digital rights organisation Bits of Freedom. She has also worked for the Dutch NGO Kennisland and the European NGO Communnia Association where she focussed on improving access to information and (digital) culture.

Judith is a Landecker Democracy Fellow (2022-2023). The Digital Period is funded by Humanity in Action and the Alfred Landecker Foundation.

Contact: Judith@thedigitalperiod.com