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  • Dear participants of CPDP

    Dear participants of CPDP

    Dear participants of CPDP, Hi! I am Judith, a lawyer and philosopher from the Netherlands. This year, I will be present with The Digital Period at the Conference on Computers, Privacy, and Data Protection (CPDP) to talk with participants about period tracking apps. You can find me between 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM and 2:30…

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  • Contesting the privacy paradox

    Contesting the privacy paradox

    According to the privacy paradox we prioritize convenience over privacy. During my conversations with people about period apps, they often ask if I track my period. Many are aware of the fact that I value my privacy and have strong views about how personal data processing. Therefore they sometimes I assume I do not use…

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  • Let’s talk about period apps

    Let’s talk about period apps

    Hi! My name is Judith. I would like to talk to you about period apps. Period apps play a role in a part of our lives that is extremely intimate. They are one of the most downloaded health apps worldwide. Understanding why someone tracks their period can tell you a lot about who they are and…

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  • Alfred Landecker Democracy Fellows 22/23

    Alfred Landecker Democracy Fellows 22/23

    Super happy to let everyone know that I am one of the thirty Alfred Landecker Democracy Fellows 22/23! The Landecker Democracy Fellowship is created by the Alfred Landecker Foundation and Humanity in Action. The common denominator of this year’s projects is that they all revolve around the challenges and opportunities of democracy in the digital age. My…

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